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Rising rookie group ZEROBASEONE has returned with their highly anticipated second mini-album, ‘MELTING POINT.’ After making waves in 2023 with their double-million-selling debut release, ‘YOUTH IN THE SHADE,’ and captivating K-pop fans with their dynamic variety content, the group’s momentum shows no signs of slowing down.

Following their impressive debut, the bar has been set high, and the expectations for ‘MELTING POINT’ are through the roof. Let’s dive right into the music and see how this new release measures up.


The mini-album opens with the single ‘MELTING POINT,’ which greets us with a dreamy composition. The song’s aesthetic is beautiful, featuring harmonies that tug at the heartstrings, emotional depth, and stunning vocalisation. The irresistibly catchy hook and seamless transitions between sections make this track a captivating listening experience.

Take My Hand‘ introduces a compelling drum and bass-driven beat, complemented by an impressive synth line and striking vocals. This track immerses listeners in a cinematic experience, thanks to its pacing, rhythm, and emotional depth. It’s a song that demands full attention and offers a rich musical journey.

The title track ‘CRUSH‘ follows, bringing a vibrant and energetic vibe. With a catchy hook, satisfying beat drops, and dynamic instrumentals, this song showcases a more powerful and spirited side of ZEROBASEONE. A stark contrast to their debut title track, ‘CRUSH’ doesn’t hold back, creating a fun and exhilarating listening experience.

In the music video for ‘CRUSH,’ we’re treated to a performance-driven concept enriched with visually stunning effects. The solo shots featuring Ricky and Hao are spectacular, exuding an ethereal and powerful aura.

Kidz Zone‘ infuses a pop-rock tempo, featuring remarkable backing vocals and intricate layering. The addition of a choir creates a powerful and immersive sound that draws the listener into a concert-like experience.

The mini-album gracefully concludes with the poignant ballad ‘Good Night,’ delivering an emotional punch with soulful singing and beautiful acoustic elements that enhance its heartfelt nature.

ZEROBASEONE’s second mini-album brings with it an array of surprises. In this release, the group explores a more vocal-driven direction, offering a compelling contrast to their debut release. We are excited to see what’s next for them.

Listen to this release here.

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