Photo Credits: Standard Friends

Label Deep Dive: Standard Friends

For this week’s Label Deep Dive, we want to talk about a relatively new agency that totally surprised us with its current artist and origins. Let’s talk about the hip-hop agency Standard Friends.

This groundbreaking agency, founded by the one and only Zion.T, officially came into existence in June 2021, but the world had to wait until August 2022 for the grand announcement of its opening.

The journey began with the signing of their first artist, the exceptionally talented Wonstein, in the same month as the agency’s grand unveiling. And the talent infusion didn’t stop there; just a few months later, the renowned producer Slom joined the ranks, solidifying Standard Friends as a spot for top-tier hip-hop artists.

It’s worth noting that, despite being the visionary behind this label, Zion.T continues to make waves as an artist under THEBLACKLABEL. He wears multiple hats, serving as the CEO of Standard Friends, nurturing the next generation of hip-hop artists.

Check out some of the electrifying vibes that Standard Friends has to offer:

In addition to their music releases, Standard Friends has also taken storytelling to a whole new level with their six-part special talk show, ‘Good To See You.’ This series features diverse hip-hop artists sharing their insights on music, work, and life.

As we eagerly anticipate the future growth of this dynamic agency, make sure to stay in the loop by following them on Instagram.

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