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[R&B Gem] DeVita

For this week’s R&B Gem we are diving into the smooth music of a relatively new artist, who keeps surprising us with every single release and collaboration. Let’s talk about DeVita.

Born as Jo Yoon-Kyung and also known as Chloe Cho, DeVita officially debuted in 2020 under AOMG. Before her official debut, she received attention for her original tracks on her SoundCloud. In 2012, she also appeared in the show ‘K-POP STAR’ at only 16 years of age.

With the visibility she gained with her original music and participation in the show, DeVita was first contacted by AOMG in 2018, this year she collaborated with Ugly Duck for the single ‘Sugar’.

In an interview with, DeVita mention that her name is inspired by former Argentinian first lady Evita Peron, she wants to be able to inspire listeners’ lives through her music. In this talk she also made references to feeling inspired by other’s stories, and wanting to make music inspired by real experiences.


DeVita’s debut project the EP ‘CRÈME‘ was released in 2020, with the title single ‘EVITA’. In an interview with WKorea she shared that “Poetry and music come to mins at the same time” when she is creating music, and it comes almost as second nature, after writing poetry since her teen years.

After her debut project, she participated in the collaborative single ‘Movin” in late 2020, and ‘B.O.T.B.’ in 2021.

Latest works

In 2022, DeVita came back with her second EP ‘American Gothic‘, with this release she approached music in an elegant, delicate and unique way, diversifying her sound and style.

Her latest release is the mini-album ‘Naughty‘, mainly produced by GRAY, this release includes features by DAWN and Coogie, and brings a more colourful and playful side of DeVita as a singer, with more hip-hop and EDM driven songs.

DeVita has been building a solid career, and gaining more recognition for her skills and fantastic songwriting. Listen to her entire discography here, and if you want to check her Instagram, find it here.

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