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Label Deep Dive: Talented

For this week’s Label Deep Dive, we are diving into the current talent pool of an indie label focussed on independent Hip-Hop artists. This week we are talking about ‘Talented’.

Formerly known as ‘Passport Seoul’ and ‘Whip’, this label was founded by Shin Sang-hyun in 2018.

Currently the label is home to over thirty-five indie artists, some of them with a lot of experience in the industry, and others brand new to it. Below you can check a few of the artists signed under this agency.

Other independent artists under this label are:

  • Aiai
  • ALow
  • Among
  • Bluelk
  • Cassy:D
  • Cika
  • Conda
  • Daviin
  • Festy Wxs
  • Flaiboitrap
  • Flavordash
  • Gong Hoon
  • Gre Gory
  • Hae Eun
  • Hijcv Kid
  • ID
  • Kiravi
  • Lil Sunder11
  • Lypla
  • Millham
  • MOYP
  • Northfacegawd
  • NSW Yoon
  • Ohshytttt
  • Osten
  • Owler
  • Paad
  • Para9on
  • Posadin
  • Satsuki
  • Sharkrama
  • Ski Dash
  • Smiley DeBron
  • Takuwa
  • Tobio
  • Yung Blesh
  • Yung Simi

Since 2021, this label started supporting not just their own talents but also over 400 independents artists of various genres with the music distribution and digital marketing. ‘Talented’ is definitely a label with plenty of rising stars, and a very unconventional but interesting model.

To find out more about their projects check their website, and for updates keep an eye on their Instagram.

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