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[Review] DeVita – Naughty

R&B singer and absolute queen DeVita is back with a new EP and her immaculate style. This time her latest mini-album titled ‘Naughty’, includes a few features we are curious to listen to.

We absolutely loved her previous mini, let’s get this started and check what she has prepared.


The intro track ‘Naughty Girls – Intro‘ begins this release with guitar acoustics, a lovely instrumentation and DeVita’s enhanced vocals, the second half of this single gets vibey with the incorporation of EDM beats and a chill flow. Quite an interesting start!

Featuring DAWN, ‘Ride For Me‘ comes up next to give us an up beat R&B track with a tropical touch. This song feels very much like a summer single, with a very refreshing arrangement and laid back style. ‘Deserve‘ featuring Coogie follows up, and for this one we get to listen DeVita delivering verses and being an absolute girl boss. The rapping contrast between her and the feature, the beats and flow in this single are fun, cool and chill, definitely a total vibe to listen to.

Moving onto the title track ‘Naughty‘, we get a R&B summer bop with a cool synth line and power vocals. The concept for the music video give early 2000s teen movie vibes, it is super fun, colourful and DeVita looks amazing! check it below.

Don’t You Know‘ comes along with a softer tempo, this song delivers plenty of angst in just a bit over one minute, the feels are there, and there were let out. ‘Make Up‘ is next adding the spiciness into this mini-album with its smooth arrangement and lyrics, this single is vibe, and the mix of beats, perfection.

Featuring GRAY, ‘Tell Nobody‘ is all about vocals and soulful music, the electric guitar, harmonies and incredible singing. This song is just a great listen, and GRAY and DeVita vocal tones are amazing together.

Last in this mini-album is the english version of the title single ‘Naughty’.

DeVita’s third mini-album is definitely a vibey listen that will take you through many moods, this release is fun and diverse, make sure to check it out here.

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