Photo Credits: Beautiful Noise

Rapper In The Spotlight: Zior Park

In this week’s Rapper in The  Spotlight we are diving into the career of an artist with a unique style, excellent music and alternative vibes. Let’s talk about Zior Park. 

Park Ji-Won (aka. Zior Park) debuted officially in 2018 under Filot Club with the single ‘Beautiful’, before his official debut he released the song ‘Benefits’ for HIPHOPPLAYA. 

From the get-go, his releases have had a unique flow and his music videos a cinematic style, his vision for the MVs is unique and they have a rather alternative vibe. He has continued with this concept throughout his career. 

With the collaborative single ‘Noise’, Zior Park made official his change of agency to Beautiful Noise. This release was followed up by ‘The Ellen Show’ featuring Wunderkid.

First Album 

At the beginning of 2020, Zior released his first album ‘THUNDERBIRD MOTEL’, with this release he included a rather ironic, playful and at the same time serious vibe, his lyrics, rapping and style for this album was incredible. Check the lyric video for the title track below. 

Michael’ was his following release, this dual single album included the pre-released single ‘The Ellen Show’. 

In 2021 he came back with his second album ‘SYNDROMEZ’, the concept of this release had fascinating visuals and an interesting story. This comeback also set off the start of his hyper-realistic puppet concept that continued in his following releases. 

After this release he dropped the single ‘Christmas High’, and came back in 2022 with the singles ‘FALLING FROM THE SKY’, ‘Dancing on your body’, ‘Being Human’ and ‘Linger’.

Latest releases 

The beginning of 2023 marked the start of a new era for Zior, his EP ‘WHERE DOES SASQUATCH LIVE? PART 1’, is a collection of stories turned into music. The lyric videos for this mini-album include visuals with heavy Dr. Seuss vibes, and peak aesthetics.

His latest release is the single ‘PSYCHO LOVE’, and as expected he released a masterpiece with visuals that are one of a kind and very cool. Watch the music video below. 

You can dive into Zior Park’s discography here, and drop him a follow for insane pictures and plenty of aesthetics.