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The boys from SEVENTEEN are back with their tenth mini-album ‘FML’. We’re super stoked and we’re not the only ones. The boys broke records with the highest ever pre-sales. There were more than 4.5 million pre-orders which just speaks to the power of SEVENTEEN, which we wrote about here.


We start off with the first of two title tracks. ‘FML‘ is the shortened version of the popular phrase ‘fuck my life’. The song is slower and more heartfelt than I was expecting. The lyrics struck a bit closer to home than I wanted. What an emotional opening.

Super‘ is the second title track. This song is honestly super dope. The power, the afrobeat, the drums, the vibe and the instrumental layering is immaculate. Everyone looks amazing in the music video and I’m kind of living for the hair extensions S.Coups is bringing back.

The scale of the set is so big! I was a bit surprised they stuck to one location for the filming, but considering the scale and the amount of back-up dancers it was probably a logistical nightmare.

The third track is ‘Fire’. This is the Hip-Hop unit’s single. The afrobeat is a vibe, but the rapping takes it to the next level. I’m super impressed by this absolute bop! Literally this is so much fun and feels very fresh! The soundbit that sounds like they’re drumming on glass they used before Mingyu’s part was dope. S.Coups though blew me away here.

Next up

I don’t understand but I luv u’ is the track of the Performance team. This is an R&B track with such a dirty electronic guitar loop. The beat is sick and the whistle they added really completes it! The8 really said vocals! I can’t wait to see the choreography to this. I’m pretty sure the title from the track comes from a comment someone left on one of their lives.

Next up is ‘Dust’ which is by the Vocal unit. They’re going retro with the instrumentals. This feels very 80s with the synths. The lyrics are beautiful as are the vocals. I like how they didn’t go for the traditional ballad style.

‘April Shower’ is the closing track and references ‘April showers bring May flowers’. This is a groovy pop track with a smooth beat and a positive message of overcoming hardships.

Overall SEVENTEEN really did it again with their new mini ‘FML’. This is a beautiful work and is legit, super nice to listen to.

Go check it out on Spotify here.

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