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Rapper In The Spotlight: Punchnello

Punchnello is this week’s feature for Rapper In The Spotlight. At just 23 years of age, Punchnello has already won the well known survival show ‘Show Me The Money’ in 2019, has a lengthy list of collabs and a lot of talent. Let’s dive into his career and releases. 


Punchnello officially debuted in 2016 with the single album ‘Lime’ under HIGHGRND Music,  I am sure you have listened to the title track of this release ‘Corona’ featuring Crush, this song had a bit of a weird and kinda comical comeback at the beginning of the year. Check the music video below.

In the same year, he also took part in the OST on the black comedy-drama ‘Entourage’ alongside Eddy Kim, if you haven’t listened to this release check it below. 

The single ‘Worth It’ featuring Hoody was released at the end of 2016. And I personally feel that this song did not get the recognition it deserved. Hoody is a fantastic singer and Punchnello has an amazing lyrical delivery and flow. Check this gem below. 

2017 started off quite busy for Punchnello with the release of his single ‘Detox’. I loved his Dingo performance for this single, if you haven’t watched it check it below. This song was also composed and arranged by WOOGIE, and what a tune, TOP QUALITY.

In 2018, Punchnello’s agency at the time went down because the CEO left the company. However, in 2019 he came back with the single pre-released ‘Absinthe’ followed by the EP ‘ordinary’.

Produced by 0channel and 2xxx!, ‘Absinthe’ was one incredibly well thought-out comeback track for Punchnello. It is a raw song, with many layers to the track that becomes quite overwhelming when listening and for sure will have many listeners shocked but also will make many remember Punchnello’s music. Check it below. 

His EP ‘ordinary’ was out of this world. This release is a nice mix of tunes and very rich in music styles, not a single track sounds the same and the features are fantastic and legendary. 

The title track of this release was ‘Blue Hawaii’ featuring Crush and Penomeco. A smooth and kinda jazzy song full of melodic rapping and some great vocalization delivered by Crush.

My favourite tracks from this release are ‘Boiling Point’ featuring Simon Dominic and Tabber, and ‘homesickness’ featuring sogumm. The first one as expected goes hard, with killing verses and a cypher-like vibe, but the latter, is softer and a lot more sentimental with heartfelt lyrics and an emotional delivery.

“(…) My memory has been caught, here our scar
I remember when we were who we were
Even though I had nothing, I remember hanging on just for that\
Sorry, I just miss the things that I felt for the first time back then
Hearing it for the first time back then, the scent I smelled for the first time back then (…)”

Lyrics by Genius

The single ‘23’ was released the same year featuring Sam Kim, this one was followed by ‘doodle’ feat. Yerin Baek. Both singles had a more chill and lo-fi tune vibe, full of sweet melodies and fantastic orchestration. Check them below. 

Punchnello was part of the survival show ‘Show Me the Money 6’, he withdrew from this series in 2017, but joined it again in 2019. He won the 2019 edition of the series and gained a lot of attention after his very much incredible performances. Below we have listed a few of our favourite ones.


After his success with ‘Show Me the Money 8’, Punchnello signed an exclusive contract with the Korean hip-hop label AOMG. At the beginning of 2020 he released the single ‘us’ featuring the indie artist Meenoi.

His latest release was the single ‘fine!’ featuring Kid Milli. If you haven’t listened to this bop, check it below.

You can listen to Punchnello official releases here. And if you are up to digging into a bit more of his music released independently check out his Soundcloud here.

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