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[Review] KAI – Rover

KAI is back with his third mini-album after a bit over a year since ‘Peaches‘, we had the chance too see him perform last year in Kpop Flex and we can now confirm that he is indeed a “world-class performer”.

This EP included six new songs, and by the little snippets release we expect nothing but bops! Let’s get right into it!


The title track ‘Rover‘ opens up this mini with plenty of flow and rhythm, the mixes of beats of this song is very colourful, rich and vibey. This song is perfect to hit the dance floor, it is catchy, sexy, full of rhythmic changes of beat that will have many jamming to it. The music video of this title track is very much focused on showing off KAI’s unmatched visual through plenty of beauty shots, and his performance abilities that will never cease to surprise us. Watch it below.

Black Mirror‘ comes along with hip-hop beats and a very interesting mix. The different instrumentals added in this song together with KAI’s vocal tone make a mind blowing combo, the mystery, build, up and drops will have you on your tippy toes.

We go dreamy with ‘Slindin’‘, sexy R&B and vocalisation are the main topics in this single, the smoothness is unreal and the back vocals in the outro the cherry on top. On a very sudden change of genres ‘Bomba‘ takes over with reggeaton beats and a killer synth, this single is a very unexpected addition to KAI’s discography, but the catchiness of it is incredible.

We go back to R&B and Hip-Hop with ‘Say You Love Me‘, the unresolved build up in this song is very fascinating to listen to, it puts listeners on edge, waiting for the eventual drop. The riff throughout the single and vocal tone in the lyrics delivery intensifies the feelings in this song, what a ride!

Closing this mini is ‘Sinner‘, the instrumentation in this single is insane, but the highlight is the synth throughout the full song and the almost movie-like sound it gives it. This song is a vibe and the perfect closure for a very diverse and impressive mini-album.

KAI did it once again, ‘Rover’ is an EP packed with surprises and shows a new side of him as an artist. This release is a non-skip, so make sure to listen to it here.