Photo Credits: MNET

Queendom Puzzle – Episode 5 Recap

Queendom Puzzle aired a new episode this week. This episode started right into the game, the participants had to choose who would go first in the All-Round-Battle, however, both teams wanted to second. They decide their faiths by playing rock, paper, scissors, and the Queendom Team chose to go second. 

Vocal and Rap Round

The Puzzle Team is starting off this round performing ‘Rush Hour’ by Crush, in the recording and creative process they had some struggles choosing the parts to sing and how to harmonise, however, they had many creative ideas on how the stage and the performance should look like. 

This first stage started on a very fun note, and this team delivered a great performance. The interactions with the audience, formation, harmony and rapping were very cool.

The Queendom Team went off to perform ‘Weekend’ by Taeyeon, during the performance preparation Soojin had a lot of great ideas for the stage, they settled for a very cinematic performance, and an arrangement with a City Pop feel.

This second stage was very pretty, and the members created a lovely atmosphere with their soft vocals and charming performance.

Soon after the stages ended we found out that the Puzzle Team won the first round. 

Kei and Bora from the Puzzle Team started their performance of ‘If we ever meet again’ by Lim Young Woong. They went for a beautiful ballad with stunning vocal work. Their voices actually work really well together and I was absolutely mesmerized. 

The Queendom vocal team consisting of Dohwa, Jiwoo, Fye and Juri are performing ‘Hopeless Romantic’ by BIG Naughty. We see them going to the studio to talk to the producers. The members spent a lot of time practicing. 

The performance felt as if they were all talking to each other. It was a very cool directing choice and the harmonies were absolutely amazing. 

The live audience voted for their favorite performance. The Puzzle Team won this round.

Round 3

 The Puzzle Team consisting of Riina, Sangah, Wooyeon, Jiwon and Jihan are performing ‘Wannabe’ by ITZY. In their director meeting we see them debating about whether or not to add a dance break. The producers weren’t a fan of that. 

They were very much into the rock genre though and when Jihan mentioned she could play the guitar a bit, it was decided to create a more rock inspired theme.

During the rehearsal the members made quite a few mistakes so they were all worried about the live performance. 

The actual stage went off without a hitch and was very impressive and full of badass charisma. Sangha event had a rap verse over at the waiting area of the Queendom Team. 

The Queendom Team, Miru, Soeun, Elly, Chaerin and Hwiseo are performing ‘Time of our life’ by DAY6.

They decided to go for a school band that will leave their summer days behind to go into the real world. During rehearsals they also had a phone call with Young K of DAY6. 

The members started their performance in a massive polaroid. It was super cute. During the performance they also brought out a selfie cam to take a selfie with the audience. Overall their vocals were really stable and the group really sounded as a solid band. 

The live audience voted and we will see those results next week.