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NCT Dream is back with new music in their third album ‘ISJT‘. The dreamies have had an amazing year with a successful world tour, and now a brand new release after their very popular Christmas mini-album.

Last month they released the pre-release single ‘Broken Melodies’, and we totally loved the more mature and very rich sound of this single. We are excited to listen to the rest of this album. Let’s dive right into it.


The title track ‘ISTJ‘ opens up this album with a hybrid composition that takes us through Hip-Hop, EDM, and a smooth R&B. This single goes off hard and strong with the sudden beat changes, perfect harmonies, and catchy hook. The transition for the bridge in this song is incredible, Chenle, Haechan and Renjun totally kill it, and it just get better with Jeno’s and Jisung’s soft rapping.

As the song, the music video also goes off, with a multiverse structure, and the dreamies looking amazing in each one of them. The CGI is popping in this MV, the choreography is tight, fast, and it kinda feels like a constant dance break. Watch it below and get ready for a visual trip.

‘Broken Melodies’ follows-up, we already wrote about this single here, but you can enjoy the beautiful and nostalgic music video below.

Harmonies, and Renjun’s lovely vocal tone open ‘Yoghurt Shake‘, this single feels somewhat vintage, sweet, and charming with a fantastic composition and an instrumental loop that is fascinating to listen to. This track has a lot of rapping and even the vocal lines jumps into it, a 10 out of 10.

Going off with EDM and a Hip-Hop driven track, ‘Skateboard‘ takes a more early 2000s approach with its arrangement, the beats come in quite strong in between sections and the vocals addition throughout this single is amazing.

Blue Wave‘ takes over as a continuation of the single ‘Dive into you‘ from their first album. This single has a rather tropical, summery feel, and the harmonisations are as expected perfection. The cherry on top definitely were the whistling, and the killer ad-libs.

Mature and colourful music

Groove and R&B continue this album in ‘Poison‘, with a rather surprising instrumental progressions that feels quite mature. This is definitely a brand new sound in their discography, and they totally delivered. Jaemin’s rapping was incredible and the back vocals out of this world.

We go alternative with ‘SOS‘ and its very unconventional arrangement. The Hip-Hop line totally kills it in this single with a fantastic flow and sharp verses, as if this single could get more experimental the outro is led by the vocal line, and they once again managed to leave us speechless.

Pretzel(♡)‘ takes over with soft synth, groove, and a playful composition. The bridge in this single is fantastic, between the vocals, Haechan’s ad-libs, Mark’s rapping, and the harmonies, this song is elevated to the next level.

We go into more familiar territory with ‘Starry Night‘ and its soft R&B pop sound. The bossa nova vibes and flawless singing make this single an amazing listen, the members shine in this song and it just gets better and better as it develops.

Last in this album is a very special single co-written by all the members, ‘Like We Just Met‘ is an acoustic R&B ballad with nothing but perfect singing in every second of it. The dreamies indeed have us dreaming with this single and its very heartfelt sincerity.

NCT Dream delivered a non-skip album, with a unique sound and beautiful melodies in every minute of it. Enjoy this masterpiece here.

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