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Rapper In The Spotlight: Han Yo Han

For this week’s rapper in the spotlight we are talking about a composer and rapper known for his collabs and cool music. Let’s talk about Han Yo-han’s career.

Han Yo-han debuted in 2015 with the EP ‘Selfmade’. From the beginning of his career he blended R&B and hip-hop. For his debut release he had impressive collabs including SUMIN, Verbal Jint, GIRIBOY and other artists. 

This mini-album was more R&B driven and included smooth music mixed with impressive rapping.

His next release ‘911’ included one of his most well-known singles ‘Lamborghini’.

From 2016 on his music took on a more Hip-Hop sound and his releases included collabs by well-known names in the industry, including GIRIBOY, SWINGS, JUSTHIS, Samuel Seo and many others. 

First album 

Between the years 2018-2019, he released several releases including the EPs ‘MUSASHI II’, ‘Dragon Bike’, and a few single releases.

His first album ‘Exiv’, was also released during this period, this release included another well-known featuring GIRIBOY. This album also included features by the hip-hop legend Verbal Jint, along with other well-known artists in the hip-hop and R&B scene. 

This same year he kept busy dropping several singles and his collaborative EP ‘Stuck Together’ with Swings.

He started his 2020 releasing the single ‘Routine’, which was followed by his second album (and personal favorite at TheKMEAL) ‘Spirit Bomb’. This release had a great mix of features along with a more hip-hop and rock sound.

The EP ‘All In’ followed up this album with a more EDM driven sound and vibey features.

Latest releases

In 2021 he released his third album, with this one Han Yo-han showed a new side of his music, this self-titled release was a lot more raw with a rather unexpected mix and insane verse delivery.

He followed up a solid album with another one. His fourth album ‘Time Machine’ released in 2022, had a rather softer sound, with a lot more emotions and great features. This same year he also released the single ‘Part of her’ featuring Kim Seungmin. 

This year he released his fifth album with the title ‘Shining Star’ and as expected it included  A list collabs and his very usual refreshing sound. His latest release is the single ‘Diving’, and we are sure he will surprise us a couple more times this year. 

For more music head over to his Spotify profile, and follow him on Instagram for updates and cool pics. 

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