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[Review] GIRIBOY – avante

GIRIBOY is back with his 9th regular album, ‘avante‘ is the name of this release and includes twenty tracks. Only seven are available digitally and the rest are album exclusives. Let’s start diving into the music.


A stunning instrumentation kicks off this release in ‘Lion‘. GIRIBOY comes in with his killer rapping and takes over to make this track raw but smooth. There is certain old school hip-hop feel in this track that is fantastic. A CLEAN START.

Featuring lIlBOI and nafla, ‘No Tomorrow‘ is next. Expect nothing but clean delivery and a fire flow in this track with an underground vibe that it fantastic (*chef’s kiss).

The title track ‘You Turned Around‘ , turns this release around to make it groovy and chill with its tempo and jazzy orchestration. The visuals for the music video are insanely good, the full concept, and aesthetics are super dope. Watch it below.

Fallin’‘ follows up with a fantastic flow and a super catchy arrangement. In this track he goes off with verse delivery, and I loved how his voice is higher in some parts of the song and the track becomes a complement to the rapping.

Lo-fi beats come along in ‘That’s How We Ended Up‘ featuring Seori. This song escalates slowly and becomes a musical experience. The addition of instrumentals is beautiful and adds a lot of emotion to the vocals, this song really felt like a rollercoaster of emotions. An absolute piece of art.

Featuring JINBO, ‘Maybe, Maybe Not‘ follows up, the R&B style in this song and the vocals were the next level and it is a smooth listen. Last in the digital version we get ‘What A Mess‘ with a glorious electric guitar solo and dope instrumentation, closing this version on a high note.

GIRIBOY did it again and released a solid album full of incredible tracks. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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