[WebToon] The Greatest Estate Developer

We’re back with a new WebToon feature, and this week we’re reading “The Greatest Estate Developer“. Adapted from a webnovel with the same name by BK_Moon, it’s also known as “The World’s Best Engineer“. It’s a comedy-action-fantasy isekai. But wait! There’s a male protagonist, and it’s neither a romance fantasy nor is it a variation of a tower climbing action storyline.

The Greatest Estate Developer

When civil engineering student Suho Kim falls asleep reading a fantasy novel, he wakes up as a character in the book! And he doesn’t transmigrate into the villain, but rather into Lloyd Fontera, the deadbeat and soon to be literally dead son of poor baron. Yup, the original character was human trash, but Kim Suho decides he’ll use the system buffs as a transmigrator, and his own knowledge of engineering, to save himself, his family, and make a tidy profit while he’s at it. It also helps that he has magical giant pets and Javier, the OG novel’s completely overpowered protagonist to help him.

The verdict

I cannot overstate how insane and hilarious this series is. Between the absurdity of a giant hamster that can drain a lake in one go, and the many, many panels of Lloyd’s scheming expressions, it will have you in stitches in no time. Randomly cackling is only awkward when reading on the bus, so plan accordingly.

Suho/ Lloyd has almost convinced even himself that he truly only cares for profit and lazing about. It’s not so much a front, since he does want to retire early and chillax, but his plans are mostly foiled by the fact that deep down he’s a softie who cares way too much… And also since he’s so capable, others want to put him to good use, from the queen to the master of Hell.

Lloyd and Javier are basically a bromance for the ages, although neither would admit as much. Personally, I like that Lloyd’s achievements and storyline does not ‘steal’ from Javier’s original plot growth and talents; Often with isekai the original main characters are either turned evil, ignored completely, or turned into featured extras, and this series thankfully does not fall in this trope.

You can build whatever ships you like, but there isn’t really any romance (as of episode 117). The plot initially focuses on the development of the Fontera estate, and then politics and other issues around the continent. The pacing is very good, none of the arcs until now feel dragged out, and the art quality had remained consistently good from the beginning.

If you need some unhinged comedic relief or just a non-typical isekai read, look no futher.

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