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[Indie Pick] Damsone Gongbang

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this time we’re taking a look at the indie duo Damsone Gongbang. Let’s take a look!

Damsone Gongbang

The duo consists of the two members Kim Damso who we’ve recently written about here and Park Yeon. Damsone Gongbang debuted in 2016 and have been steadily releasing a wonderful discography.

This was their debut track.

In 2017 they released their debut EP ‘First Episode’.

That year they also released six more singles, for brevity, here’s my favorite.

2018 started off great with the track ‘You resembling spring’.

Later on in May they dropped their first full-length album ‘A Lovely Friend’.

In 2019 they released a handful singles again.

The year after they dropped a couple of singles as well as their next EP ‘GANADA ALBUM’.

Their most recent comeback was in 2021 with the single ‘Tender Night Rain’.

Go listen to their full discography here.

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