K-Variety Tester: Psick Univ

In this week’s K-Variety Tester, we’re shining a spotlight on a show that has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years, ultimately emerging as a comedy sensation – PSICK UNIV.

Originally conceived as an indie program featuring hidden cameras and mukbangs, PSICK University set out as a comedy venture aimed at resonating with young-adult audiences in South Korea. Hosted by Kim Min-su, Lee Yong-ju, and Jung Jae-hyung, the show premiered in 2019.

However, the onset of the pandemic prompted a format change, leading to the birth of their iconic segment ‘B Face-to-Face Date’. Since then, the show has evolved exponentially, breaking new ground with its comedic segments, each more popular and hilarious than the last.

Among our favourite segments is ‘The PSick Show‘, which has become a fan-favourite for its unique premise. This segment, launched in 2022, presents a mock American talk show format conducted entirely in English. It provides a fun and laid-back environment for artists to banter and discuss their careers and various topics.

Since its inception, ‘The PSick Show’ has garnered immense popularity, spanning five successful seasons and featuring a stellar lineup of artists and entertainers in South Korea. Guests have included BTS’ RM, Jessi, Epik High, Beenzino, BIBI, SOMI, Leellamarz, among many others.

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