Nevermore cover art

[WebToon] Nevermore

We’re back with another WebToon feature and today we’re reading ‘Nevermore by Kit Trace and Kate Flynn. It’s a spooky gothic sapphic romance loosely inspired and strongly influenced by Edgar Allan Poe’s works. The names, aesthetics, and of course the title, all strongly vibe the master of the macabre.


There is nothing definitive about life after death, except the involuntary enrollment at the mysterious Nevermore Academy. Now Lenore and Annabel Lee must begin their curriculum to recover the memories of their tragic demise. Between the Deans’ macabre demeanor and the tell-tale dangers of Final Exams, both girls must learn to rely on one another and their newly acquired ghost forms, or Spectres, to not only graduate from the academy… but to earn a second chance at life.


The verdict

Seriously, look at this art. It’s perfect. The colouring, the character designs, the atmosphere setup, everything is *chef’s kiss*. You don’t have to guess the genre or anything, it sets you up for spooky romance at a single glance and I love it.

The heroines are both interesting and believably written. Uncovering how they ended up dead in the first place is its own enjoyment, but mainly you really want to root for them in this afterlife limbo kind of school. While the idea of a school for the dead is far from novel, especially here at Webtoons, Nevermore takes a very different, and much darker approach compared to Refund High School for example, although that series is another must read.

If you are an Edgar Allan Poe fan, while the inspiration is basically names and aesthetics, this story and its vibes will be right up your alley for sure. The art is consistently a wonder to behond, and the more I progress in the story the more I get invested. If this sounds like it could be your cup of tea, I’d strongly recommend giving it a read.

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