Photo Credits: SBS

K-Variety Taster: Civilization Express (MMTG)

In this edition of our variety taster, we are thrilled to share one of our absolute favourite online shows that has been delighting audiences since 2019. Welcome aboard the MMTG – Civilization Express, hosted by the charismatic Lee Eunjae, fondly known as JaeJae. This entertainment and talk show has become a staple, centering around artists and active personalities in the entertainment industry.

What sets MMTG apart is JaeJae’s infectious enthusiasm as a fangirl herself. Her extensive knowledge and meticulous research about each guest not only make the show entertaining but also immensely engaging for viewers. 

Over the past couple of years, the show has evolved its focus, expanding beyond music releases to embrace an international flair. Notably, it has welcomed a diverse array of guests, including actors, actresses, producers, and even sports players, offering a broad spectrum of entertainment discussions.

In 2021, a captivating sub-series emerged, focusing on legendary K-pop songs in need of a comeback. The show not only discussed these iconic tracks but also orchestrated comeback stages, bringing legendary groups back to perform their timeless hits.

MMTG – Civilization Express has rightfully earned its place as one of the most popular online shows. Catch up on all the episodes here and stay updated by following them on Instagram for exciting updates and more.