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[Review] Heize – Last Winter

Our R&B queen Heize is back to stun us with her vocals in the EP ‘Last Winter’. We’re beyond stoked, so let’s take a look!

Last Winter

We start off with the track ‘Perhaps, Happy Ending’. A warm acoustic guitar opens the song and is soon joined by a cool beat and snaps. The bass is insane and deep and creates a very intense listening experience.

Next up is the title track ‘Stranger’ featuring 10cm. First of all, I love this collab. They’re two amazing vocalists so this is a win. Secondly, this song is absolutely amazing. The lyrics are great and the music video is even better. I loved the addition of the piano in certain parts.

The camerawork is honestly so well done. Also actor Lee Jin-wook who you might know from series like ‘Bulgasal’, ‘Sweet Home’ and ‘Doona’ is featured in the music video.

After that comes the track ‘Last Winter’. I’m absolutely digging the guitar and the bass line in this. Also the piano is light and jazzy and literally give me a live version of this and I’ll be perfectly content in life.

‘Forget Me Not’ is next and has the incredible BIG Naughty as a feature. This is such a lovely track. The lyrics are incredibly sad though.

‘Picnic of Night’ featuring Chan follows that and leans more toward that cool R&B meets Hip Hop we’ve come to associate with Heize. It’s a really cool listen and I enjoyed the beat a lot. Chan is a great feature on this.

Next up is ‘Midnight’.  This is incredibly smooth and has a great flow. This is a remake of ‘MIDNIGHT’ originally released by BEAST. I’m absolutely obsessed with how cool this is.

‘FM 89.1’ has a really nice opening with the effect on the piano. I’m kind of happy they pulled that through for the entire song. The outro helps enhance that oldschool effect and it makes for a really fun loop if you listen to the beginning of the track again.

The closing track of the EP is ‘Love goes around comes around.’ which starts again with that incredibly warm opening from the opening track ‘Perhaps, Happy Ending’. This is a fully instrumental track and the guitar is played by vibin who is a frequent collaborator of Heize.

Overall ‘Last Winter’ is a great mini-album by Heize. You can go listen to it here.

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