TAN turs 1 with ‘ESSEGE’

TAN is celebrating their first anniversary, for this very special occasion this boy group under Think Entertainment, released the special single album ‘ESSEGE’, including three new singles, and plenty of style.

The title track ‘FIX YOU‘, opens up this release with a dreamy compositions and a lovely piano line, the chorus in this song is peak perfection, the harmonies and tones are charming and super catchy. This song deepens even more TAN‘s unique music and sound; the music video keeps it single but pretty with clean visuals, plenty of beauty shots, and the members giving it all in their performance. Watch it below.

Acoustics move along this release with ‘It’s You‘, the piano and guitar in this single is stunning, and the members sing their hearts out in every single second of this song. Just prepared to be spoiled by vocals and heartwarming instrumentation.

Would you?‘ closes off the digital version of this single album on a very catchy and playful style, every single one of the members stand out in this single and their tones, style and lyrical delivery complement each others in a very unique way.

TAN had an incredible first year, and we are excited to listen whats next for this group. Listen to this release here.

Kathleen Herrera
K-Beauty enthusiast, Drama Lover, Melophile and Foodie, writing about her faves on a daily basis.