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[Review] PIXY – Chosen Karma

The girls from PIXY are back with their new mini-album ‘Chosen Karma’. Let’s dive right in, because these girls don’t disappoint.

Chosen Karma

We start off with the track ‘Hide & Seek’. I’m kind of obsessed with the line ‘recline recline, your life is on the line’. That’s literally amazing. The groove is a total vibe! The brass in the instrumental is awesome. There’s some really funky guitars hiding in the backing track! The rap verse is very cool and has a cool build-up to the countdown.

‘Flip a coin’ is up next. We’re going a bit darker soundwise. The trap beat and the rap verse with the slight autotune is hella cool. I’m actually very curious to see what kind of choreography they would perform with this track.

Next up is the title track ‘KARMA’. They did such an interesting thing with this one. They combined parts of ‘Hide & Seek’ and ‘Flip a coin’, the previous two tracks of the album with, according to the album introduction “a special twist”.

The music video has ALL the visuals! They look amazing. I’m just a sucker for women in suits.

‘Falling’ follows that. We’re getting some major synthpop. I’m really digging how soft this feels while also still being so danceable. I love this!

Next up is ‘Whisper’. This is a soft pop track with a jazzy instrumentation and R&B vocals. The chorus is lovely and this is a very nice ending to the album.

The last track is the instrumental version of ‘KARMA’.

Overall, PIXY did a fantastic job with ‘Chosen Karma’. Go ahead and listen to it here.

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