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The girls from TWICE are back to bless this day with their new EP ‘READY TO BE’. We’re super stoked, the promos looked fantastic, so let’s dive right in!


We start off with the title track ‘SET ME FREE‘ I’m absolutely loving this disco inspired groove. The vocals are amazing and I’m digging the retro sound. We already know that TWICE are disco queens.

All the girls look amazing in the music video but Sana really had me shook!

Next up is their pre-released track ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE’. We wrote about this release here.

‘GOT THE THRILLS’ is next. Honestly this is a major vibe. I love this fast-paced build-up.

After that we get ‘BLAME IT ON ME’. We’re going for a rock moment in this one. Dahyun wrote the lyrics for this one. I’m absolutely obsessed by the very toned down pre-chorus to then explode in the chorus. The bridge is insane! The vocal work is fantastic! This is a straight-up 10/10!

‘WALLFLOWER’ has a deceptive start. It opens with a very soft pop moment. They really turn up the groove with the sick bass in the instrumental. I also really enjoyed the cute echoes they added. This song is very addictive!

Next up is ‘CRAZY STUPID LOVE’. This is another track written by Dahyun. We’re going back to the pop rock sound, but this feels more lie early 2000s rock than ‘BLAME IT ON ME’. I’m totally digging this.

The closing track is the English version of the title track ‘SET ME FREE’.

Overall ‘READY TO BE’ is another fantastic addition to the TWICE discography. This is their twelfth mini-album and I’m just in awe of how they keep innovating while staying coherent in their sound. They’ve shown such a subtle growth from their Bubblegum pop days to this more adult, contemporary sound.

Listen to the mini here.

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