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[Review] Youngjae – Do it

Youngjae is back with his first full-length album ‘Do it’. Let’s take a closer look to see which musical delights he’s bringing out.

Do it

We start off with the opening track ‘Flower’. This is a synth pop track with a lot of ambient instrumentals. It’s a cool vibe to open the album with. It really packs a punch.

The title track ‘Do it’ comes next. This is a very cute pop track with some cool guitars in the instrumentals. The chorus is catchy and the music video is hilarious.

We’re going for a groovy pop track with ‘Deal’. The vocal inflections are super cool and I enjoyed the jazz piano a lot!

Dreaming Again’ is an R&B soul track with cute twinkling synths in the backing track. The sammple loop in the instrumentals is really cool and overall, this is a very smooth listen. I like how they played with the rhythm.

After that we get ‘Problem’. The chorus is really lovely. Youngjae’s vocals really stand out in this one and the layering of the backing vocals is very impressive. The bass is absolutely going off!

‘Err Day’ was released a while back. You can find the music video below.

Next up is the track ‘Fluffy’ which was dedicated to Coco, his dog. It’s a very cute, sentimental pop track. It’s so sweet, you’ll get cavities.

‘Snooze’ is a soft pop track with great guitars in the instrumentals. The acoustic guitar helps create such a warm, comfortable track, you’ll wrap yourself in your blankets a bit more.

Next up is ‘Thinking of you’ which is a fantastic piano ballad. We get vocal king Youngjae in this one. His vocal color is so beautiful.

The closing track is ‘Never Leave You Alone’. This is a song dedicated to the fandom, who stuck with him. It’s sweet and a really nice listen.

Youngjae has credits for the lyrics and composition for each and every single track. ‘Do It’ really is a work by Youngjae, and it is a lovely listen.

Go check it out on Spotify here.

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