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[Review] tripleS – LOVElution <ↀ>

The girls from tripleS are back with their new mini-album ‘LOVElution <ↀ>’. We’re super curious so let’s take a closer look!


The opening track is ‘‘, though in Spotify it seems the sign can’t be read and it became ‘&#8576;’. This intro takes the beat from the closing track from their previous mini ‘Assemble’. The vocals in this one are by Sohyun and Dahyun.

Next up is the title track ‘Girls’ Capitalism’. I wasn’t quite sure what to think with that title, but it’s actually a really fun track with a positive message and a great hook. “Selfish, whatever they say, my feelings come first For that to work, gotta work on my account care I am my own standard, oh, I love myself I am beautiful”

‘Complexity’ follows along with a more synth based sound with a New Jack Swing vibe. This is a super  cool track with a great rhythm and drive. The vocals are super solid and honestly, I’d go clubbing to this.

Up next is the track ‘Black Soul Dress’. This is a Future Bass track produced by member Sohyun. I particularly liked the bass and the beat changes.

‘Seoul Sonyo Sound’ is the fourth track on the album and is about the lonely emotions of little girls living in Seoul. This track is dope! This kind of electropop and synthpop moment is literally so cool.

Next up

The following track is ‘Crybaby’ which has a more pop rock sound. The guitars here are super nice and I like how there’s quite a fast pace. The track feels very bright and hopeful despite its title.

Track seven is ‘Speed Love’ which immediately starts with a funky jazz piano and I’m 100% here for it. This instrumentation is everything and combines a jazz instrumentation with more electronic elements. There’s flute in there, there’s cello and though I’m sad they’re done by a computer and not by real instruments, I kind of don’t mind. This is one of my favorite tracks of the EP.

The closing track is ‘Number 8’. This outro is completed with mostly Korean instruments like the gayageum and the traditional drums. The voices of Seoyeon and Kaede help create such mysterious and unique vibe. This is super interesting and a fantastic way to close the album.

TripleS did a fantastic job with their mini ‘LOVElution’. This might just be my favorite release to date by them. Go ahead and listen to it here on Spotify.

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