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[Review] TripleS – EVOLution <⟡>

The girls from TripleS are back with their new mini-album ‘EVOLution <⟡>’. Let’s dive in!

EVOLution <⟡>

The intro track ‘⟡’ sets this album off with cool sounds and a very ambient vibe.

Then comes the title track ‘EVOLution’. I absolutely love this track, it’s very cool synth pop with great vocals.

‘Rodanthe’ is up next and brings us another synth pop track. I love the twinkling sample in the backing track. The beats are great and really help drive the song forward. It’s a vibe and I dig it!

‘Heavy Metal Wings’ greats us with a very solid beat and an R&B bass. According to the album description this is “a theme song for girls who have not yet discovered their wings in the coldness of the world.”

After that comes ‘37.5 Celsius’. We’re going groovy with this one. I’m totally digging this chorus. The playfulness with the beats and the tempo is really fun! Also the vocal harmony bits are delightful.

‘Moto Princess’ is a Jersey Club track. I desperately need a choreography for this. This is such a cool track and I love that we get a bit more rap and their lower registers. The layering of the chorus is super interesting and I really enjoyed the dissonance of the vocals.

‘Oui’ is such a cute track. I love the vinyl scratches and the chorus is a total earworm. I really enjoyed the guitar addition during the bridge!

The closing track is ‘Enhanced Flower’. This is more of an outro than a full track. This is a Jiwoo solo but we’re being promised a full version with all of the members on the next release.

Overall ‘EVOLution <⟡>’ by TripleS is absolutely delightful! I’ve really been enjoying the group’s releases and the diversity in sound. I have very high hopes for this group!

Go ahead and listen to it here.

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