Photo Credits: AOMG

Loco comes back with ‘INEEDYOURLOVE’

Loco is back with new music! ‘INEEDYOURLOVE‘ is the title of this single album and contains two brand new singles.

Volvo‘ kicks off this release, and Loco goes straight in with some sick verses, amazing flow and killer delivery. This track brings out a darker tone of Loco’s style, and it is intriguing, cool and rather sexy. This song runs on the short time with a bit under two minutes, but that’s more than enough to hook listeners in.

The title track ‘INEEDYOURLOVE‘ follows up and with this one we go into more familiar territory in Loco’s discography with his rhythmic rapping and unique tone. The build up and arrangement in this song are amazing, they feel wholesome, cute and very much like the Loco we love. Watch the music video below.

At the end of the video, we get to know that this single album is a pre-release for his upcoming album, and we cannot wait! Listen to this single album here.

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