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[Review] TripleS – +(KR)ystal Eyes

The girls from TripleS are back with their latest mini-album ‘+(KR)ystal Eyes <AESTHETIC>’. Let’s dive right in because I’m super curious. KRE is the latest sub-unit of TripleS. This unit consists of Yoon Seo-yeon, Lee Ji-woo, Kim Chae-yeon and Kim Soo-min.

+(KR)ystal Eyes <AESTHETIC>

The first track is the intro ‘Cherry 100%’. This is a lovely intro that feels very refreshing and summery.

The next track is the title track ‘Cherry Talk’. This is a very cute pop track with Dance influences and cute 8bit sounds in the instrumentals. ‘Cherry Talk’ is catchy, very bubbly and a total earworm. I’m really digging this new sound and the percussion in the bridge is so much fun!

‘Touch’ is up next and is giving me major throwbacks to S.E.S. and I absolutely love it. This 90s themed R&B and pop blend is such a massive callback. The random vinyl scratches caught me off guard a little bit but it definitely stays on theme.

‘Hide & Seek’ is a sugar pop track and sticks to the bubbly sound theme of the previous songs. This track is adorable and will have you hum along in no time.

After that we get the track ‘Deja-Vu’ which is a spin-off track of ‘Rising’. This is a more R&B focused track with a sick beat and a lovely vocal line. The bass in the backing track is  really going off and it’s a vibe. I like it.

The closing track is ‘Dimension (KRE Ver.)’. The original version came out on their 2022 EP ‘Acid Angel from Asia <ACCESS>’ which housed the (AAA Ver.).

Overall, ‘+(KR)ystal Eyes <AESTHETIC>’ by TripleS is a really great callback to the earlier gens of K-pop. This is a lot of fun and is honestly one of my favorite releases.

Go ahead and listen to it here.

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