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[Review] LUCY – Fever

The boys from LUCY are back to stun us with their talent with their latest EP ‘Fever’. As always, I’m super excited to hear new music by them, so let’s dive right in!


We start off with the track ‘Hot!’. This is such a fresh and unique track. The tempo and beat are Drum and Base based while they’re also throwing some EDM on top alongside their rock sound. I don’t know how they made it so smooth but it works and it’s kind of awesome. It’ll take many repeats to figure out the several layers. Also the bridge was SO good!

After that comes the title track ‘Haze’. This is a folk-based modern rock track with LUCY’s signature violin. The lyrics comfort someone who’s had a bad day with soft melodies. The chanting with the echo is as always one of my favorite things. This is a lovely title track that has as much warmth as we’ve come to expect from LUCY.

The third track is ‘Magic’. We’re going jazzy with this one. This is super dynamic and funky and I absolutely adore it! The bass is really popping off throughout the track and the bridge is really dope.

‘So What’ is the last track of the mini-album. We’re going more rock in this one. The guitars have a really cool grunge vibe and the violin is playing in a baroque style which is the closest you can get to rock on the instrument according to the album description. Sang-yeop did a really great job with the vocals as well, he really went full out.

‘Fever’ is another fantastic mini-album by LUCY. They’re doing a fantastic job and have really built out a solid discography so far.

Go ahead and listen to the mini on Spotify here.

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