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[Review] RAVI – LOVE & FIGHT

RAVI is back with his second album ‘LOVE & FIGHT‘. He’s been constantly putting music out and the diversity of the tracks has been unbelievable.

For this release he went for a rock vibe that really took me to the early 2000s angst. The mix of the beats in the tracks and his rapping is super cool, but before we get in even further, let’s dive into this release and check each of the tracks.


GUNS‘ kicks off this release and from the getgo we can hear the rock influence in this song. The electric guitar is amazing and his rap delivery as expected killer. It’s definitely a great start for this release. We jump onto the single ‘VIRUS‘ featuring JUSTHIS. The balance between RAVI and the feature was interesting and unexpected, I liked the contrast between the rapping style.

The title track ‘WINNER‘ plays next featuring ASH ISLAND, and I am absolutely in with this combination. RAVI’s melodic rapping was fun and cool, the slight autotune in the vocals gave an interesting touch to the track, specially because ASH ISLAND is known for his enhanced vocals. They really complemented each other’s verses.

The music video for this single is nothing but beautiful and intense aesthetics with powerful visuals. Check it below.

Featuring Nafla, ‘LOVE HATE FIGHT‘ comes along, with this song I strongly felt Green Day vibes and I am here for it. Nafla’s verses were fire as usual, his flow and delivery are just super unique and add an extra special touch.

WHAT’S MY PROBLEM‘ follows up with a rather raw style, a lot of feeling and cool falsettos. For this song RAVI went off and poured his soul out and it is just amazing.

Trendy Rock

We get ‘LET ME DOWN SLOWLY‘ featuring Cold Bay with a softer tempo but a lot of lyrical power, the exposition of the electric guitar in this song was fantastic and made for a fun listen.

DROWNING IN THE RAIN‘ takes over with a more minimalistic sound that allows the rap delivery to pop-up even more. This single feels a lot more sentimental and raw, and its flow is just super chill and effortlessly good.

With a lovely acoustic intro ‘1,2,3‘ featuring Xydo starts, this single is a smooth listen. The R&B style was a lovely addition to this release and the vocals are incredible.

CANNONBALL‘ featuring Paul Blanco is next with enhanced vocals and a lot of power, the match between the feature and RAVI was surprising but I liked the balanced between both.

Last on this release is ‘WARRIOR‘. Ending it with the powerful rock style and an angst vibe, this single feels like the perfect closure for the narration and style of this release, it is like we are back at the beginning and ready to start it again.

You can listen to this album here, and you can check out RAVI’s previous release here.

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