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[Offstage] ARTiffect

In this edition of Offstage, we delve into the vibrant world of a company whose musical creations have become anthems for K-pop enthusiasts globally. If you’re a K-pop aficionado, chances are their iconic bops still grace your playlist. Let’s shine a spotlight on the creative powerhouse known as ARTiffect.

Founded in 2019 by the versatile producer and singer-songwriter, Jake K, ARTiffect derives its name from the fusion of “ART” and “Effect.” Positioned as a music production company, ARTiffect harbors a grand vision –  “(..) globalization of K-Pop and create and provide high-quality multimedia and entertainment to new generations (…)”. 

What sets ARTiffect apart is its distinctive training system. Designed not only to craft exceptional music but also to educate writers on the intricacies of copyright and royalties, it stands as a unique initiative in the industry.

Having collaborated closely with renowned entertainment agencies such as SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, Fantagio, Cube Entertainment, and many more, ARTiffect has left an indelible mark not only in South Korea but across the global stage.

Currently, ARTiffect serves as the creative haven for 11 producers spread across America, Asia, and Europe. The roots of this innovative company trace back to 2014 when its founder, Jake K, contributed to singles for Taemin, GOT7, UKISS, VIXX, SISTAR, and numerous other prominent artists.

Among its recent portfolio, ARTiffect has lent its magic to the works of aespa, ZEROBASEONE, D.O, NCT, EXO, Kai, WayV, Red Velvet, and more.

ARTiffect stands at the forefront of trendsetting production houses, and the anticipation for their upcoming projects is palpable. Explore their complete catalog of works here, and for real-time updates, don’t forget to check their Instagram

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