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[Review] JAMIE – One Bad Night

JAMIE is finally back with her brand new mini-album ‘One Bad Night’. We can never get enough of her vocals, so let’s jump right in!

One Bad Night

We start off with the track ‘GIRLS’. This is a super catchy dark opening to the mini-album. Jamie switches up from her smooth R&B vocal to lowkey rapping. It’s dope.

Next up is the title track ‘3D Woman’. This is a very smooth pop R&B track with some stellar vocals and a well done layering. I loved the echo part on the vocals. The synth in the chorus is dope.

JAMIE is going to one hot party. It’s giving succubi vibes.

After that we get ‘In my bag’. This is a hip-hop track with a heavy trap beat and Jamie’s rapping. It’s powerful and is super catchy.

‘BEDTIME STORY’ featuring Gemini comes up next. This one is definitely one for your sexytime Spotify playlists. Absolutely loving this combination of Jamie’s and Gemini’s vocal tones.

The closing track is ‘Honesty (0822)’. I’m obsessed with the jazzy instrumentation. This bluesy ballad shows us one of Jamie’s strengths in being able to relay emotions so well with her singing.

Overall this was a very fun listen, however I do wish we had gotten at least one insane vocal riff. Most of these tracks played it quite safe vocally. Maybe we’ll get a live version where she can pop off vocally.

Go ahead and listen to ‘One Bad Night’ by JAMIE on Spotify here.

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