K-Fashion 2022 Autumn Trends

It’s that time of the year again where it is chilly and nice, but there is still a bit of the summer sun left. Autumn is here and with it comes the hottest fashion trends, including timeless items and a couple of new trends that will have you rocking the fashion game this season.

Knit Cardigans 

The classic knitted cardigans returned this season once again to keep us warm from the chilly weather. These versatile clothing items are perfect to use on their own or to use with layering. Many of our favourite actors and idols are already rocking the look.  

So whether it is with a casual look or a day to day one, this item will have you warm and looking fine.

Denim Jacket

Another classic that is coming back is the trusty Denim Jacket. For more casual warm-ish autumn days, this clothing piece is everyone’s best friend and serves for a cool and stylish look. 

Baggy or cropped, this item has endless possibilities for matching and styling. That’s also the reason why every single autumn and spring, denim jackets will likely be rocking the fashion game, for many seasons to come. 

Trench Coats 

Trench Coats are a staple item when it comes to autumn fashion. This item has the power and the drama to make a casual street look more elegant and can make many look stylish while being warm and cosy. 

Fleece Coats

I am an absolute fan of this fashion trend. For the perfect casual or sporty look fleece coats are one of the most comfy items to have in your wardrobe. It’ll keep you warm and you’ll look positively stylish. 

Low-rise Jeans

Back from the early 2000s, the low-rise jeans are back on trend. This item has had mixed reviews, but it is definitely having a moment in fashion. Idols like Red Velvet’s Joy have been rocking the look and looking incredible. 

That was it for Autumn fashion trends for the 2022 season, let us know which is your favourite item, and which one would you add to the list. 

Kathleen Herrera
K-Beauty enthusiast, Drama Lover, Melophile and Foodie, writing about her faves on a daily basis.