Photo Credits: Studio Choom

[Dance Palette] NI-KI – ‘Trendsetter’ X ‘HUMBLE.’

In this edition of Dance Palette, we are excited to spotlight the charismatic and skilled NI-KI from ENHYPEN, showcasing his special performance for Studio Choom.

With a hip-hop core and innovative moves, NI-KI effortlessly navigates the rhythms of ‘Trendsetter’ by Connor Price & Haviah Mighty and ‘HUMBLE’ by Kendrick Lamar. Supported by his fellow performers, NI-KI’s dance reaches new heights of groove, featuring impeccable body isolation and an impressive bounce that highlights his exceptional talent.

The aesthetics of this performance video are distinctly urban, complemented by the signature great lighting and vibrant energy characteristic of Studio Choom productions. If you haven’t yet experienced this remarkable performance, be sure to watch it below:

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