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[Review] Def. – LOVE.

Jay B released a new EP as Def., if you aren’t familiar with this alias, he uses it for his music releases as part of the crew OFFSHORE. If you don’t know much about this very talented team, check their instagram here, they are amazing.

LOVE.‘ is the title of his very first EP as Def., and we are expecting soft R&B and incredible vocals, let’s dive in.


AGAIN‘ featuring LEON starts off this release with soft vocals and smooth bass, I loved the lo-fi vibe in this single and LEON’s rapping was fantastic. We jump into a lo-fi/EDM arrangement with ‘WHY?‘, and I am here for the sensuality in this single, Def.’s vocals have an airy style that really feels like a whisper in the ears and the electric guitar in the track just adds extra spice to this single.

I JUST WANNA KNOW‘ comes next with indie pop tunes that took me by surprise. This song is effortlessly good and catchy. Its playful rhythm makes it fun to listen to and I particularly loved the acoustic outro.

Featuring JUNNY, ‘LIKE A FOOL‘ plays and this song is R&B at it best, the vocals, the arrangement and its full composition are nothing but smooth. I really liked the balance of the vocals and the full vibe of this track.

With a lively arrangement we get ‘WANT U‘. The birds chirping as part of the track was a lovely and interesting addition. The vocals and orchestration in this song are super groovy. Overall this song is an amazing and wholesome listen.

Last on this EP is the title track ‘SUNSET WITH YOU‘. This track has a flawless flow and an incredible sound. I loved all the element added in this track and the killer falsettos. The music video as the song is soft, super pretty and loaded with stunning shots and visuals, check it below.

Make sure to listen to this release here.

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