K-Beauty trends to look for in 2022

2022 is here and we are bound to see new trends in the K-Beauty sphere. Since last year we have noticed a couple of things changing in the skincare world and we want to share the latest updates with you and what to expect for this year. Let’s begin.

Clean and sustainable skincare

More and more companies are joining the sustainability and clean skincare crew. With the rapid rise in popularity of skincare (thanks to Skinfluencers), people are becoming even more aware of the products they are buying and the mark that their consumption leaves on the planet. 

Many companies like Klairs, have already been working on sustainable packaging and minimalist formulas for a while, but more K-beauty brands are joining this trend, creating new formulations that are good on the skin and packaging that doesn’t harm the planet. 

Photo Credits: The Vegan Glow

We are expecting to see the rise of clean and sustainable brands and even the creation of new ones. Keep an eye on it!

Natural ingredients 

Along with the clean beauty we can also see the trend of plant-based skincare taking over in 2022. There are already well-known brands that source their ingredients from mother nature, and now even more are coming up with products sourced from natural resources. 

Active Ingredients

With the surge of popularity on Korean skincare, people also became more aware about active ingredients and formulations. We expect a lot more brands launching products focused on active ingredients that will target specific skin concerns or will heavily complement the skincare routine. 

Minimalist skincare

For this trend we are expecting a couple of things, first of all companies focusing on delivering products with minimum ingredients and high efficacy, and along with this a few less steps in the daily skincare routine.

With the first we already have brands like IUNIK who have become the leaders on this aspect, but we totally expect more companies trying to compete and deliver efficient products without a lot of additives. 

With products becoming more efficient, we can also see the 10-step routine shrinking, but delivering the same efficiency. Jointly, as the world comes back to routine but many also become skincare fans, people out there will be looking for a way to simplify their skincare routine. 

Multi-Purpose Stick Products

Multi-purpose products aren’t new to the market but we are noticing an increase in popularity for these multifunctional sticks. We are expecting a lot more functions for them, and we have already seen a couple of TikTok users using them as lipstick, blush and eyeshadow at the same time. 

Let us know which other beauty trends you believe will take over this 2022, we are curious! See you next time. 

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