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[Review] BIBI – Lowlife Princess: Noir

Our girl BIBI finally released her full-length album ‘Lowlife Princess: Noir’. We have been waiting for this one! The pre-released tracks all sounded and looked incredible, so we have very high expectations.

Lowlife Princess: Noir

We start off with the ‘Intro’. This is a very cool start that has a sick beat and leaves you wanting more.

Next up is ‘Blade’. The extremely distorted voice in the opening immediately grabs the attention. BIBI has such a cool vibe in this. She’s dangerous, threatening and isn’t afraid to show it. Ilove the beat and the build up in the bridge is insane.

‘BIBI Vengeance’ is an insane ride. The music video production is on another level. The chorus begs for you to sing along, while also feeling like a baddie. I’m amazed at how much power she can put in 2 minutes and 45 seconds. I’m absolutely obsessed with how easily she flits between her rap voice and her singing voice. It’s rad.

After that comes the pre-released ‘Animal Farm’ which we wrote about here. The other two pre-released singles ‘MotoSpeed 24’ and ‘Sweet Sorrow of Mother’ come along as well. If you’d like to read about those, click here.

Her only feature comes along in ‘Loveholic’s Hangover’ with Sam Kim. This brings us to a very interesting sounding ballad. The piano in the back is quite distorted and together with the beat it makes for such an interesting sound! Sam Kim’s vocals blend super nice with BIBI’s. I didn’t see this collab coming, but I’m super happy about this. Iconic.

Next up

‘Wet Nightmare’ comes along and brings us some godly R&B. The storytelling of the track is so cool and well done. The strings in the backing track created a ridiculously pretty effect. The dirty beat created such a great layering.

Next up is ‘Witch Hunt’. This dark pop track has an insane layering and excellent use of her vocal tone that turns quite nasally. I’m in love.

‘Lowlife Princess’ starts off very dark and showcases her rapping skills. Literally, no one else is doing it like her. The whispered ‘kissy kissy kiss’ is insane. This is so DOPE.

Following that is ‘JOTTO’. The bass in this one is sickening! This is groovy, and begs for a live session with a real band and a couple of back up singers. The bridge has some funk to it. The brass players that come in?! It’s a bop.

The closing track is ‘City Love’. This dramatic, end-of-movie soundtrack vibe was the best choice for the last track. The instrumentals slide into a cacophony that feels like this entire album, was one hectic, soul shattering ride.

Overall ‘Lowlife Princess: Noir’ by BIBI is a fantastic album. Literally, give her all the awards.

Go listen to it here on Spotify.

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.