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BIBI is back with ‘Sweet Sorrow of Mother’

BIBI is back with the single album ‘Sweet Sorrow of Mother’ which is the second pre-release ahead of her upcoming album ‘Lowlife Princess’.

The single album contains three singles; ‘Sweet Sorrow of Mother’, ‘Motospeed 24’ and the already released ‘Animal Farm’ which we wrote about here.

We start off with ‘Sweet Sorrow of Mother‘. This is, according to the album description, a bit of a sour interlude. The interlude is a little bit like a poem with a very mesmerizing cadence.

After that comes ‘Motospeed 24’. This is a cool R&B track with a really cool layering of the instrumentals. I love how the momentum is sped up, just like a motorcycle ride. The crash at the end felt like the perfect end to the song. There’s a section in the bridge where they put some hella cool distortion on the vocals and it is everything!

The closing track is ‘Animal Farm’ which we already wrote about here.

‘Sweet sorrow of mother’ by BIBI just proves again how excited I am for her album release! I can’t wait!

Go ahead and listen to it here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
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