Photo Credits: HYPLE ENT.


For this week’s Label Deep Dive we are talking about the independent label HYPLE Entertainment.

Formerly known as High Fly Music between the years 2018 and 2020. Now, HYPLE Entertainment was created by KEEBE, a former member of the Hip-Hop duo Eluphant. 

One of the first artists signed into the company was EB in 2019. She debuted under this agency with the single ‘Your Name’.

She was followed by Sungdam in 2020, who debuted with the single ‘Into You’ featuring Punchnello.

One of the latest artists signed to this indie label is the former I-Land contestant echan. He released his first single this year with the title ‘Eternal Summer’.


Even though this indie label is still in its beginnings, it has done very interesting collaborations, including the release of several releases of well-known indie artists, including Tamiz, Wilro, SIM2 and many more. Check a few of the releases below. 

To find out more about this label and its project make sure to check their page here

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