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[Review] B.I – Love or Loved, Pt.1

B.I (aka. hanbin) is back with his second mini-album ‘Love or Loved, Pt.1‘. Since the release of the summer hit ‘BTBT‘, we have been looking forward to this release. He finally got the attention he deserved and we are beyond excited to see the growth of his career.

Let’s get right into it, we’ve been waiting to listen to this EP for a few months.

Love or Loved, Pt.1

Opening up this release is ‘BTBT‘, the only thing that we have to say about this track is that it became a summer hit, hanbin had everyone going “bt bt‘. If you managed to escape the hype, make sure to jump on the wagon watching the video below.

The title track for this EP is ‘Keep me up‘. With this single B.I went for more chill EDM based track. I was rather surprised by the predominantly singing and melodic rapping, but nevertheless, this song is a total vibe. It’s a very cool and smooth listen. For the music video, we get plenty of dance performance and sexy visuals.

The full aesthetics of this music video are super cool, and the visual effect tied the ‘BTBT’ concept to this one to perfection. Massive shoutout to the performers, the dancing and expressions were absolutely flawless. Watch it below.

Middle with you‘ comes along with nothing but sweetness from start to end. The composition in this single is dreamy, soft and romantic. I loved the style he went for with this release and the instrumentals and synth addition just made it better.

Moving on B.I goes back to basics with ‘Tangerine‘. This single brings the raw rapping and melodic voice we love so much. It is emotional and heartfelt, Hanbin always finds a way to reach hearts through his music, and that is once again the case with this song. LEGEND!

We reach the end of this EP on a tropical note with ‘Endless Summer‘, get ready for fresh beats and rapping with this song. It truly feels like an end of summer type of track, it is just vibey and chill to listen to. Definitely an interesting closure for this EP.

It might be too early to say this but we cannot wait to listen to what B.I will prepare for the part 2 of this release. This mini-album left us very intrigued with its sound, vibe and uniqueness. Make sure to check it out here.

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