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[Review] Babylon – Hardy

Babylon is back with his full length album ‘Hardy’. There are some incredible features on this release so let’s dive right into it.


We start off with the haunting ‘Dawn Fog’. This track is stunning in its sound. The piano is slow and soft without too much fuss around it. The only thing is that I wish it was a full track and not just an intro.

‘Chandelier’ is up next and got a brand new music video. It’s one of those songs that’ll end up in plenty of Sexy Times playlists. Especially considering the lyrics.

Next up is track ‘Cigarettes After Sex’ with the first feature of the album; Kid Milli. We’re going old school R&B with the vocals, especially with the hella impressive ad libs and the runs. I really enjoyed Kid Milli’s feature, it feels more dynamic. 

Jay Park is the feature on ‘Like Song’, which is the first of two title tracks. This is one of those smooth listens that you’ll never get sick of. I was quite surprised with the George Bush quote insertion. It’s the ‘Fool me once, shame on’ quote that has been the source of countless memes.

‘Red Lipstick’ featuring Coogie follows that. There’s a lovely synth added in the instrumentation. This feels smooth and slow. 

The following track ‘White Suit’ immediately captures the interest with the underwater echoes. I really enjoyed his vocal tone in this. 

Next up

Next up is ‘Baby Be Mine’ featuring KYLE LO. He is the arranger for most of the tracks so it’s nice to see him credited like this as well. In my opinion the track is well placed in the album as well. It flows along very nicely.

‘Empty Canvas’ featuring Layone and Lee Young Ji follows that and picks up the pace a little. What a wholesome trio. This is a lot softer than I thought it would be considering Lee Young Ji is featured on it. 

The heat comes in with ‘She is PorShe’ featuring Untell. This kinda feels like a cypher. It’s Untell for pretty much the entire song. Straight up rap, no chorus or anything. Intriguing to say the least. 

The next track has a huge amount of features. ‘Going in’ has features by MckDaddy, Don Malik, MC META, Huckleberry P, Basick, Samuel Seo, Ja Mezz, Camo, Reddy, WA$ABII, Blase, Chillin Homie, Walle, Bruno Champman, Kaogaii, earlswish, KYLE LO. The track is 18 minutes long. 

After that we get the soft ‘Don’t go in the rainbow’ which is absolutely lovely. 

Next up is the second title track ‘Alone’ featuring Lee Hyori. This might just be my favorite track of the album. Babylon’s vocals are top notch here. I also like the more ballad-y feel this track has. I’m not entirely sure where Lee Hyori’s vocals are hidden, they’re not very noticeable. 

The last track on the album is ‘Love You’ featuring Kang Asol. We’re getting acoustic guitars and soft, soft vocals. Honestly I’m surprised by the indie vibe this has.

If you want to listen to the album ‘Hardy’ by Babylon, you can find it on Spotify here.

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