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[Review] B.I. – TO DIE FOR

Hanbin (aka. B.I) is back with his second album ‘TO DIE FOR‘. For this release he collected all the single released in the EP ‘COSMOS’, and added nine new tracks to complement the storytelling about emotions, dreams, youth and life.

For this release we have been teased with many previews that just made us even more curious. The sound and vibe look very promising, and to top it off, this release also has many interesting collaborations, let’s get right into the music and listen.


TO DIE‘ kicks off this release with killer beats, and B.I going off as usual with his verses. My personal highlight for this single is the insane mixing and composition, in inclusion of lo-fi, a touch of narration and heavy in bass beats is just iconic!

Kid Milli and Lil Cherry are featured in ‘Wave‘, just with the features we can expect for this single to hit hard, and it does. The deep house beats are a total vibe, and the sectioning is amazing, this trio totally delivered.

The Island Misfits of Toys‘ bring along B.I melodic rapping and a chill flow, the arrangement is very dope and such an easy listen.

The first title track ‘Die for love‘ featuring Jessi follows up to bring summery electro beats to jam to, Jessi’s and B.I’s are incredible in this song, the contrast on their rapping style is super interesting, for the outro we get a surprise solo with a jazzy piano, and it was the cherry on top for this single. The video is hasn’t been released yet, but you watch the preview below.


Dare to Love‘ featuring BIG Naughty’s unique flow, comes up next to delight fans with playful tones and Hanbin’s sharp delivery, with ad-libs and lovely tunes, this single is a very heart warming and fun listen. Watch its MV preview below.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today”

Electric guitar and rock instrumentation opens up ‘Beautiful Life‘, featuring the band Crying Nut, this song spices things off by bringing early 2000s punk-rock and adding rap to it. This song reaches legendary level with its uniqueness, and once again, B.I managed to expand his sound even more.

On a more minimalistic and slightly cutesy note ‘Cloud Thought‘ plays with a charming arrangement, and fantastic instrumental that along with the lyrical delivery make this song an awesome listen.

We are in for a listening experience with ‘Truth‘, the instrumentation in this single is incredible, delicate, and unique. B.I outdid himself with the composition of this track, it is absolutely stunning. To add contrast ‘MICHELANGELO‘ goes off with sick beats, cool rapping and with a lot of attitude.

The next six track are all included in the EP ‘COSMOS’, you can read our review here.

B.I released a another masterpiece of an album, as usual he didn’t miss. Listen to this release here.

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