[Webtoon] The Dark Lord's Confession

[Webtoon] The Dark Lord’s Confession

We’re back with a new Webtoon feature! This time we’re reading ‘The Dark Lord’s Confession’, a captivating fantasy series by Topseoung.

The Dark Lord’s Confession

What happens if you end up summoning the Dark Lord, the whole continent’s greatest enemy? Due to a battle that took place over a thousand years ago, cursed people become demon-like magicians, and those who are blessed become holy knights who protect the kingdom. Lapis, hiding the fact that she’s cursed as a magician, and looking for a way to survice, aspires to be a holy knight. While preparing for the examination, she accidentally ends up summoning the Dark Lord. Along with the Dark Lord’s puzzling confession, Lapis’ journey of becoming a holy knight begins!

The verdict

So many good things to unpack here! First of all, the series has gorgeous art, avoids the traps of same-face syndrome, the colours are vivid, and especially the more complex backgrounds are just impeccable. It’s a joy to read through.

Lapis, our heroine, is such a layered and likeable main character. I find that the writing manages to navigate the genre character tropes in a very good way; Doesn’t go too far in either trying to tick every single box or trying to force-subvert all the tropes for no good reason. It’s a satisfying balance, that despite the fairly basic premise, manages to catch the reader and promises to deliver something new and interesting. All the other characters of the main cast bring their own to the mix. Will not expand on any, because spoilers 🙂

Bonus, if you’ve a romance-rotten-brain like me, and need them ships, the shipping potential here is seriously, unlimited. There’s no actual romance plot (yet, still hoping here), except one character visibly nursing a crush on Lapis, so to be fair, all the shipping wars are in our minds and the comments.

The story has really good pacing so far, each episode leaves you wanting more but never like nothing quite happened, which is a tough note to hit sometimes, particularly in the middle of action sequences.

Overall, if fantasy is your jam, do give this one a go; It’s shaping up to be a great Webtoon and I can’t wait to see how the plot goes on.

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