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[R&B Gem] O3ohn

We’re back with a new R&B Gem and this time we’re going for a blend of indie and R&B with the music created by O3ohn. Let’s take a closer look!


O3ohn had his start as a guitarist in a band, but officially debuted as a solo artist in 2016 with the release of the EP ‘[O]’.

After that came the single ‘Kalt’ featuring Joonie. This was in 2017.

His second EP ‘jon1’ was released in 2018. This video is absolutely stunning and honestly I remember being obsessed by this song, so it was great to rediscover this track.

The second part ‘Jon2’ also came out that year.

In 2019 O3ohn released the single ‘Loner’.

‘Loner’ came out as a pre-release for the EP ‘Simple Songs’.

The year after he dropped the beautiful single ‘Clouds’.

in 2021 he came out with his new mini-album ‘co’.

The year after he came out with the collab single ‘HoMe’ featuring APRO and the single ‘Tall Grass’.

OST King

O3ohn has undoubtedly spruced up so many K-dramas with his stunning OSTs. Here are some of my personal favorites.

The one from ‘The Guest’ literally had me in a chokehold!

At the moment O3ohn is in the duo Pigfrog together with JOONIE.

Go take a look at his official website here. There’s not a whole lot of information to see, but it is adorable.

You can find him on Instagram here.

Listen to his full discography on Spotify here.

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