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[Review] Ballerina

We’re back with a new film review and this time we watched ‘Ballerina’. Let’s take a closer look!

‘Ballerina’ is a 2023 Korean film distributed by Netflix. It was released at the beginning of October.


In the film we follow our main character Jang Ok-Ju, portrayed by the excellent Jun Jong-Seo who you might know from the film ‘The Call’ which I loved. Jang used to work in protection detail and has a bunch of martial arts experience.

While looking for a cake on her birthday she rekindles her friendship with one of her old classmates Choi Min-Hee (Park Yoo-Rim). They become great friends and that friendship brings Jang out of her ennui.

However, after a call from Choi late at night, she finds her friend has committed suicide and wishes Jang to take revenge in her stead.

So that’s exactly what she does.


‘Ballerina’ is a pretty solid watch. The cinematography and the fight scenes are incredibly well done. I really enjoyed watching it and was at the edge of my seat. The lighting was very cool as well and really enhanced the beauty of certain scenes. It reminds me a bit of ‘Atomic Blonde’.

I do think the plot could have been tweaked a bit here and there. Certain parts really felt predictable but then on the other hand you also had characters like the two gundealers who had me cracking up.

If you’re looking for a stylized action film with great performances, you should definitely check this out.

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