Thriller ‘Killer Peter’ X Driller ‘BLASÉ’

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?BLASÉ X Webtoon ‘Killer Peter’?

BLASÉ and the new Naver webtoon ‘Killer Peter’ has met! Click here to listen to BLASÉ’s OST ‘I’M BACK’.

The new ‘killer thriller’ webtoon that started on September, is the collaboration of webtoonists Kim Jung Hyun of ‘Viral Hit’ and Lim Rina of ‘White Blood‘. ‘Killer Peter’ is a story of a legendary killer rejuvenates to revenge. 

BLASÉ is Korea’s representative drill artist. He won 3rd place on last year. He wrote the lyrics of ‘I’M BACK’ himself and his drill rap makes it more unique. A suspenseful staccato string line that reminds you of a cinematic sound track, an 808 bass with powerful drum sound and guitarist YOUNG’s heavy metal style guitar riffs goes well together.

⬆️ Check more of BLASÉ’s music!

Photo credits: Music&New

?eon – Thaw

– Save me from my flooded heart

?Shor – Say

– It’s the time to say…

?MGFF – Ping

– It’s quite cool that I’m running nonstop!

?GoryMurgy – Part Time Dealer

– Tail chasing of different cultures of Seoul, Incheon, London and Chicago

Photo credits: Music&New

‘Mirrorball Music’ has started a relay-concert ‘MIRRORBALL P!CK’ with ‘Jebidabang’.

Mirrorball Music is the biggest indie music distributor and Jebidabang is an iconic venue that represents Hongdae’s indie scene. The project will thoroughly introduce various indie music and artists with the Hongdae live club culture!

✔ For the foreigners who can’t visit Seoul: it will be live-streamed via JEBI ON AIR.

The first runner of ‘MIRRORBALL P!CK X Jebidabang’ was Mingginyu, and here’s the live clip.

Guess who‘s next!?

⬆️ Mingginyu – it hurts You’d better check Mingginyu’s new release, too! Those who love her simple folk songs would definitely love it. The marimba sound works as a good spice to the song.

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