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[R&B Gem] NO_ON

In this edition of our R&B Gem, we dive into the career of an indie artist who is criminally underrated. Get ready for smooth music and heavenly vocals as we explore the artistry of NO_ON.

Bang Jung-ho, known by his stage name NO_ON, debuted independently with the EP ‘Night Run’ in 2018. This release set the stage for his career with a retro R&B sound, showcasing his smooth vocal abilities and rhythmic rapping skills.

In 2019, NO_ON returned with the EP ‘At Night’, featuring a blend of city-pop and R&B with jazzy instrumentals and incredible vibes. That same year, he released his third EP ‘Passing’ and the single ‘I Can’t Stop Thinking About You’.

First Album 

In 2020, NO_ON released the single ‘Summertime Madness’ and followed it with two pre-release singles leading up to his first album ‘Layer Cake’.

NO_ON continued to evolve in 2021 with the release of ‘Summer Holiday’. This track brought seasonal vibes and a refreshing style, showcasing a new side of his music.

In 2022, NO_ON released the single album ‘Like The Moon’, incorporating groovy and jazzy instrumentals along with his signature heavenly vocals. He followed this with the single albums ‘Tired’ and ‘Pick Up Your Phone’.

Latest releases 

After a year-long hiatus, NO_ON returned in 2024 with the single album ‘Good Night’, showcasing his growth as an artist with a more mature sound and refined singing. This release was quickly followed by his latest single ‘Goodbye’.

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