What happened to JUST B and a Daddy’s Girl?!

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🎸JUST B in a School Band?!🎸

The news that ONLY B has been waiting for! [Daddy’s Girl], has received the explosive attention of ONLY B at JUST B‘s U.S. tour ‘JUST BE WITH YOU’, is officially released. Specially, the release date was member LIM JIMIN’s birthday, making it a big gift for both JUST B and ONLY B.

⬆️ [MV] JUST B – Daddy’s Girl
[Daddy’s Girl] is a rock-sound track that gives listeners an upbeat vibe both when they just listen to or sing-along at a concert. This is JUST B’s first English lyrics song – it would be a special gift for global fans as well. In the music video, you can see the members’ high school-rock band look, it really fits them!!

Those who listen to [Daddy’s Girl] won’t be able to stop imagining an acoustic version of this amazing song. Our wishes were granted right away! Let’s enjoy acoustic Daddy’s Girl with DY’s sweet voice right now.

Photo credits: Music&New

🎵Kim Kyung Ho – Fly Again
– Kim Kyung Ho’s 30th anniversary!

🎵Nuclear Idiots – MCMXCIX
– The essence of Nu Metal🎸

🎵YOON CHAEWON – Americano on a rainy day
– CLASS:y’s main vocalist CHAEWON’s solo debut🎀

🎵Kim Hye Rim – If I am with you, it’s always spring
– Kim Hye Rim’s first try on J-Rock.

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Heo Hoy Kyung, the hottest rookie indie singer-songwriter, is back with a new music! Heo Hoy Kyung is loved by her clean voice and sincere music, including ‘Kim Cheolsu Story’ and ‘So life goes on’ that have left big impressions on the fans’ heart. These songs have became the go-to songs for the introverted(?) hipsters, being called ‘songs for INFP(MBTI)s’.

The new double single [None] consists of two songs ‘None’ and ‘Sing To Me‘. 
Heo said that the songs started from the message that her father has sent. 
– ‘There’s nothing that’s perfectly yours in this world. We’re just borrowing others’.”

⬆️ [Lyric Video] Heo Hoy Kyung – None

⬆️ [Lyric Video] Heo Hoy Kyung – Sing To Me

Sion, the Korean-German singer-songwriter and rapper who debuted in 2022 and left a deep impression with the song ‘Braindead’, has participated as a main producer in this single. Check how Heo Hoy Kyung’s music has changed!