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[R&B Gem] Haeil

For this week’s R&B Gem we are sharing the career of a singer who has charmed us with his soft style and mellow singing. Allow us to introduce you to the world of Haeil.

With the release of his single “On Me” in 2019, Kim Woongbin made his debut in the music industry under the Sony Music label. However, he started his musical journey even earlier, with independent singles made under the alias E.viewz. By the year 2020, he underwent a change and adopted the name Haeil. 

As an independent artist he also started with Xydo the crew V/hr (Value per hour).

First EP

His career underwent another big transition in the year that followed his debut. The song ‘Magical’, a collaboration with Xydo, was released by him. Soon after, he gave his growing fan base the captivating EP known as ‘5 Reasons of Insomnia’. Sogumm, Hash Swan, sokodomo, and CIKI all contributed to this debut mini-album, which included a variety of incredible collaborations.

After this mini-album he teamed up with Audrey Nuna for the single ‘Lil Time’.

In 2021, he came back with the well-known single ‘I Want You’, which was followed soon after with the song ‘Playlist’ featuring Jiselle

Producing Credits 

One of his most well-known works as a producer was for his participation in OnlyOneOf’s discography, including the single ‘savanna’, ‘picassO’, ‘dOra maar’, ‘libidO’, among many others. 

For updates, follow his Instagram, if you want to dive into his indie release click here, and make sure to listen to his discography in his Spotify profile.  

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