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Queendom Puzzle – Episode 8 & 9 Recap

Queendom Puzzle has reached the semifinals, and after a few goodbyes the competition is back on, but this time a few changes are to be made. 

Last season we had a special episode with behind the scenes, and the members reacting to their performance, but this time we got to see the goodbyes backstage after the first round of eliminations. Needless to say, the farewells were sad, but the members supported and comforted each other. Wholesome moments before the performance preparation started. 

Back in the game, decisions need to be made, and Taeyeon informed the teams that they had to be seven members for each group, this meant that the team ‘i DGA’ had to recruit one member from the other to teams. 

If they failed to recruit the members, the other group would have to vote out one member for the groups to be even. The ‘i DGA’ team set-up and decided to recruit Nana and Elly from the team ‘I Do’ as their first choice and third choice, respectively, and Suyun from the ‘Puzzlin’’ team as second.

Nana and Suyun decided to stay with their teams, but luckily, Elly decided to change teams and became part of the ‘i DGA’ team.


With the teams set, now it was time to get the stages ready for the stage. ‘Puzzlin’’ was the first team to perform, and this line-up ended up with Kei, Miruu, Riina, Soojin, Suyun, Wooyeon and Jiwon. This soft-pop single was the perfect fit for this line-up, they all shined throughout this full stage, and made it beautiful, charming and powerful. 

The next performance was by the ‘i DGA’ team, this line-up included four of the top seven participants, however, before we got to the performance, we got a little behind the scenes of the members recording with Bobby. 

The recording went smoothly, and Elly totally showed that moving teams was the perfect decision for her. She was able to record her part at once, impressing the members. The performance as expected was full of hip-hop swag, clean dancing and striking stage presence.

The last group to take the stage was ‘I Do’, and as the previews teams their recording went smoothly and without any issue. The concepts for this stage were ‘wedding’ and ‘cuteness’ and this line-up shined throughout this full stage. 

The members share their thoughts and feelings after such a harrowing journey so far while all the votes are being counted. 

With all of the different stages, there were 23 combinations possible. However, today only one team can win. 

The semi-final winning team will receive 30,000 points. The winning team is ‘I DGA’. 

14 people will continue to the final round, while 7 people will be eliminated in this episode. Before we see who is eliminated, we see the song choices for the final round.

Puzzle Room

The puzzle room is back and this time they are all the puzzlers and can choose their own song and their own part. 

The song choices are ‘Billionaire’ and ‘Last Piece’. Both songs are composed by KENZIE, who has written songs for pretty much the entire K-pop industry. 

It seemed that ‘Last piece’ was the popular choice and kept being continuously chosen until NANA chose ‘Billionaire’.

Before the eliminations these members picked ‘Last Piece’: Dohwa, Jiwoo, Yeeun, Juri, Yuki, Hwiseo, Yeoreum, Elly, Suyun, Kei, Miru, Fye, Soojin, Riina, Zoa and Bora. 

The ‘Billionaire’ team consists of Nana, Jihan, Wooyeon, Jiwon and Yeonhee.


More than three million people voted for the members this time.

The top 7 from the previous episode are as follows: Hwiseo, Yeoreum, Nana, Jihwan, Yuki, Yeeun and Kei. 

The top 7 to advance to the finals are Nana, Hwiseo, Kei, Yeoreum, Yuki, Yeeun and Yeonhee. 

The seven members that can go to the next round are Dohwa, Elly, Suyun, Wooyeon, Juri, Jiwoo and Jihan. 

The eliminated members are Fye, Riina, Miru, Soojin, Jiwon, Zoa and Bora. 

Fye unfortunately misunderstood at first and thought she could continue on. Next month in September she’s releasing a new single and will be featured in a movie. 

All of the eliminated members were heartbroken and their goodbye speeches were incredibly sad.