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[Review] Xydo – CYCLE

R&B singer Xydo is back with his new mini-album ‘CYCLE’. Let’s dive right in!


We start off with the track ‘Flower’ featuring Jue. ‘Flower’ is a beautiful soulful R&B ballad. The layering is really well done and Xydo’s vocals are out of this world. His falsetto is *chef’s kiss*. Jue is a lovely addition to the track. Both of their vocals blend so well.

We follow that up with the title track ‘Paradigm’. This one is a bit groovier and we get some really great adlibs in the bridge. That little outro was really cool to listen to.

‘Can’t Fall In Love’ comes next with some great pizzicato strings that form the beat for the track. The strings are the driving force until the snare kicks in. I cannot tell you how much I love the instrumentation in this one. When the bass comes in, I was already vibing. The ambient effect on the vocals that then fall away to give some room for the piano in the bridge had me dead. It’s a 10/10 for me.

Next up is Stay’ featuring Jade. What an amazing collab. Two of my favorites on one track, I’m utterly in love. It’s groovy, it’s smooth as hell. I dig it.

The last track of the mini-album is ‘Reborn’ which is a bit synth heavier than the previous tracks. When the electric guitar comes in, I was sold. Try listening to it without grooving, I dare you. What a vibe.

Overall ‘CYCLE’ by Xydo is another great addition to his discography. Go ahead and listen to ‘CYCLE’ on Spotify here. If you want to check out his previous release, you can click here.

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